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Program Structures

Standard Service Contract Program

  • Profit is derived from the sale of the service contract only
  • No contingent risk
  • Standard "walk-away" business

Reinsurance Program: Warrantech Automotive, Inc. Reinsurance Plan

A unique program structure

  • It's your insurance company.
  • You have the security of knowing your claims will be paid.
  • It allows you to develop a personal asset for retirement and estate planning.
  • It affords tax advantages that are unique to insurance companies.

Why choose a reinsurance development plan

  • 100% Written Premium Ceded Monthly.
  • 100% Investment Income.
  • 100% Underwriting Profit.
Flexible Ways to Make More Money...And to Build Personal Wealth

It's your insurance company

  • Always maximum flexibility and security.
  • You build a substantial personal asset.
  • You control your Reinsurance Company's investment.
  • Your investments are established in your own separate account and your profits are not affected by other dealers.
  • You accumulate profit and wealth.

What other considerations are there

  • Initial capitalization and formation costs are nominal.
  • Losses may be controlled by eliminating unnecessary, inappropriate or wasteful repairs while maintaining customer friendly policies and procedures.